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Name:1 Sentence Fics
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::1 Sentence Fic::

A community for people who want to write just one sentence for each theme.

01. Join the community.

02. Comment on this entry with your claim (either a character or a pairing), using full character and fandom names (examples: Final Fantasy VIII instead of FFVIII; Toph Bei Fong instead of Toph), and which table you want to use.

03. Each member may claim two pairings from two separate fandoms.

04. Each pairing can be claimed three times (if someone else has claimed Link/Zelda, two other people may claim it at the same time)

05. Each theme must have its own sentence.

06. Do not make a new post for each sentence; you can only post after all 50 sentences are complete.

07. If you want to abandon you claim, do so on this entry.

08. If you have two claims and you finish them at the same time, post them in separate entries for tagging purposes.

09. There is zero tolerance for character/pairing/fandom bashing.

10. Please list warnings/content.


There is no time limit but if after two months you've not made any headway, please think about relinquishing your claim to free it up for someone else. Feel free to interpret the themes however you like and writing in order is not necessary.

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